Facilities Use Forms


Before Using Facilities:

Note any broken equipment, building damage, or trash on floors when you arrive. Notify Building Principal of these findings the following workday or as soon as possible. If you do not make notification, your group could be blamed for damage and/or trash, and have building use privileges revoked.

While Using Facilities:

  • No smoking allowed inside buildings
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on school property
  • No food allowed in gymnasiums
  • All participants must be supervised

Food Services:

  • Arrangements must be made with Food Service Director at least one week in advance or as soon as possible
  • Permit from the Health Department may be required

After Using Facilities:

  • Sweep floors
  • Place sweepings into trash
  • Put away all equipment
  • Flush toilets
  • Turn off water in sinks and showers
  • Turn off lights
  • Check and lock all doors

Please click on the following to submit a request: Facility Use