District Highlights


Saranac High School:

Advance Course Offerings: CAP Internship Experience, CAP French 101/102, CAP Spanish 101/102, CAP Chemistry, CAP Physics, CAP Biology, AP Calculus, AP US History, AP Government, AP English and Literature, Electives such as Creative Writing, Psychology, Sociology, Forensics, Elementary Statistics, Business of Music, Sculpture I & II, Photography and Athletic Training

Student Support Services: Academic Intervention Services, Learning Center structured study hall, Math Lab, after school review sessions

Arts: 95 piece Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, K-5, 6-8 & 9-12 Chorus, 9-12 Select Chorus, Fall Drama production, Spring Musical, District-Wide Art Show

Extracurricular Opportunities: 22 Varsity/JV teams, 12 clubs including Drama Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, SADD, Art Club, Model United Nations, Key Club, Multicultural Club, Yearbook and Library Club

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Saranac Middle School:

Student Programs: Accelerated math and science offerings, Response To Intervention (RTI), Supporting The At-Risk Students (STARS), Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

Grade 6-8 Family School Organizations (FSO)

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Elementary Schools:

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) is well established at the elementary level. Both elementary buildings have developed a behavioral expectations matrix. Assemblies are conducted to recognize students who successfully complete the matrix. This celebration is attended by the entire student body, faculty, staff, parents and friends.

Response to Intervention (RTI) is established at the elementary level. A strong three tiered approach to academic and behavioral supports are in place. Meetings are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that students receive the interventions that are warranted.

Teacher retention rate is high throughout the District. Faculty members join the District and typically stay throughout their career.

Music Program: The District boasts a strong music program. Every year students in grades 5-12 participate in a District-wide concert. Students also access special music related opportunities such as P.E.A.K. (Parents, Educators and Kids) in grades 4-5, New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA), and All County to name a few county-wide music opportunities.

Art Program: The District also celebrates the Arts with a District-wide art exhibit each spring. Student artwork in grades K-12 are selected for this special showing.

Community Support: The community is supportive of all of our educational program. Volunteers assist in classrooms, at sporting events, with the music and art programs and drama productions.

Grades K-5 Saranac and Morrisonville Family School Organization (FSO)

District Gr. 3-8 Spelling Bee