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Pre-K - 12 Next Generation Learning Standards for Mathematics
NYS Next Generation Standards for Mathematics
Math Revised Standards 2017 Glossary of Verbs
Next Generation Standards for Mathematics: Crosswalks and Snapshots

Miscellaneous Math Resources:
Learnzillion Math Lesson Website
Illustrative Math Common Core Standards and Sample Tasks
Achieve the Core Common Core Standards and Sample Tasks
Eureka Math Parent Tips for K-8 (Free Subscription)
K-5 Math on the Spot Videos
Think Central K-5 Math Text Glossary
Kahn Academy Website Helpful Videos and Strategies for CC Math
Math is Power 4 You Grade 3-12 Math Tutorials
K-6 Math Homework Help for EngageNY Module Lessons


Pre-K Revised Standards 2017


Parent Roadmap -Supporting your Child in Kindergarten Mathematics
Think Central Math Glossary
Problem Solving Poster K-1

Numbers 1-10
Chapter 1 Vocabulary: Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 0-5
Chapter 2 Vocabulary: Compare Numbers to Five
Chapter 3 Vocabulary: Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 6-9
Chapter 4 Vocabulary Represent and Compare Numbers to Ten

Ten Frame Recognition Practice Video
Numbers Represented Using 10 Frames Video
10 Frames and Using Them to Add Video
Number 1-10 Game
Comparing Number Game
Comparing Numbers Game
Fridge # Sort Game
Counting Game 1-10
Find Missing Number Game-10
Number song 1-10
Curious George 0-10 Game
0-10 Number Song
Ten Frames and Dot Cards
Ten Frame Fun Flash
Printable Worksheets

Chapter 5 Vocabulary: Addition

Addition Song
Addition Game
Adding to Ten Game
Adding Using Ten Frames for K Kids
Word Problem Game
Word Problem Game #2
Adding Game
Song to Practice Addition

Chapter 6 Vocabulary: Subtraction

Balloon Pop Subtraction Game
When You Subtract With Pirates Song
Add and Subtract Song
Subtraction Game
Subtraction Game #2
Song to Practice Subtraction

Numbers 11-19
Chapter 7 Vocabulary: Represent, Count, and Write 11 to 19

11-19 Game
Counting Game 1-15
Song to Practice Numbers 11-19

Numbers 20 and Beyond
Chapter 8 Vocabulary: Represent, Count, and Write 20 and Beyond

# Chart Subtraction
Counting by 10's Song
Missing # Game-100
Missing # Chart Game
Counting to 100 Song
Counting to 100 Song #2
Place Value Game
Counting by 10's Song

2D and 3D Shapes
Chapter 9 Vocabulary: Identify and Describe Two-Dimensional Shapes
Chapter 10 Vocabulary: Identify and Describe Three-Dimensional Shapes

3D Shape Song
2D Shape Song
2D Shape Game
2D/3D Shape Sort
Circle Song
Square Song
2D Shape Song #2
2D and 3D Shape Sort #2
Triangle Song
Hexagon Song
Shape Song
Rectangle Song
Shape Game
3D Shape Game

Chapter 11 Vocabulary: Measurement

Measurement Game
Short and Long Video Sesame Street
Short and Tall Video Sesame Street
Heavy and Light- Sesame Street
Measurement Game #2
Sorting Measurement Game

Classify and Sort Data
Chapter 12 Vocabulary: Classify and Sort Data

Cat in the Hat Sorting


Think Central Math Glossary
Problem Solving Poster K-1
Various First Grade Games
First Grade Math Games
PBS First Grade Math Games

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Addition Facts Flash Cards
Sample Bar Model Problems and How to Solve Video
Math Facts Fluency Game- Math Magician

Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Picture Subtraction Worksheet Practice
Use Pictures and Subtraction to Compare Video Tutorial
When You Subtract With a Pirate- Subtraction Stories Song with Vocabulary
Balloon Pop Subtraction Game
Subtraction Flashcards 1-12

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Doubles Plus One Flashcards
Doubles Facts Flash Cards
Flashcards With Sums to 10
Make a Ten Math Game
Ten Frames 1-10
Adding Doubles Song 6-10
Adding Doubles Song 1-5
Doubles Plus One and Minus One Strategy in Action
Doubles Plus One Video Tutorial
Math Facts Fluency Game
That Makes 10 Song
Video Tutorial: Make a Ten to Add Using Tens Frames
Video Tutorial: Make a Ten to Add Using Tens Frames
Flocabulary Addition and Subtraction With 10

Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Break Apart to Subtract Lesson 4.5 Tutorial Video
Subtraction Fluency Games
Flocabulary Subtraction and Addition With 10

Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Related Facts Video Tutorial Using Cubes
Addition Flashcards to 20
Fact Family Game

Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Vocabulary

100's Chart
Tens and Ones Reproducible Manipulative
Interactive Hundred Chart
Count 1-100 With a Hundred Chart- Video
Count by 10's Song
Place Value Song
Place Value Song-One, Tens, Hundreds
Place Value Game-Critter Junction

Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Greater Than, Less Than Song
My Alligator Can Chomp Song
Finding 10 More, 10 Less on a Hundred Chart-Video Tutorial
Use Place Value to Compare Numbers- Video Tutorial
10 More, 10 Less Place Value Online Game
Use Symbols To Compare Numbers Game
100 Charts

Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Vocabulary

2-Digit Addition Without Re-Grouping Tutorial Video
2-Digit Addition Without Re-Grouping Addition Video
Hundred Chart Song

Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Telling Time to The Hour Interactive Game
Time to the Hour Interactive Game
Time to the Hour and Half Hour Game
Analog Clock Face Practice Worksheet
Inches Ruler

Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Vocabulary

Bugs In The System Game: Make A Bar Graph
Graph and Tally Tutorial and Interactive Game

Chapter 11
Chapter 11 Vocabulary

3-D Shapes Song
3-D Shapes Song From Teacher Tipster
3-D Shapes Interactive Game

Chapter 12
Chapter 12 Vocabulary

Coloring Sheet- Identify Fourths
Coloring Sheet-Identify Halves
What Shape Is It-Video
Vertices and Sides Video
Tan Gram Interactive Game
Halves and Fourths Video

Money Vocabulary

Count Pennies Worksheet
Count Nickels Worksheet
Count Dimes Worksheet
Count Quarters Worksheet
Show Me the Money Song
Learning Coins Video
Learning Coins Interactive Video and Game
Sorting Coins Game

Bar Models
Bar Modeling Information Sheet
Bar Modeling Workmat
Sample Bar Models and How to Solve Video Tutorial
Bar Modeling Interactive Game

Grade 2

Grade 2 Math Vocabulary/Definitions
Think Central Math Glossary
Problem Solving Poster Grades 2-5

Various Resources
Video: Using a Bar Model For Subtraction/Break Apart Numbers to Subtract
Video of How to Use a Bar Model to Find a Missing Part
Add/Subtract math Games
Math Games on Various Skills With Explanations to Incorrect Solutions
Grade 2 Math Games
Math Newsletters With Examples/Vocabulary/Standards
Video - How to Subtract Across Zeros
Video: How to Subtract 2 digit Numbers with Regrouping
Video: How to Subtract with Regrouping Using 2 & 3 Digit Numbers
How To Videos - Grade 2 math Skills
Grade 2 Math Practice Website
Grade 2 Math Skills Practice
How To Videos for Grade 2 Math Skills
Grade 2 Math Games
Practice Math Facts Online
Interactive Grade 2 Math Games
Parent Tips for Math

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Addition Flashcards
Domino Matching- Basic Math Facts
Subtraction Flashcards
Video on How to Break Apart Ones to Subtract

Chapter 4
Second grade Word Problems Practice
Finding the Sum of Three Addends Worksheet
Two Digit Addition With Regrouping Worksheet
Video on How to Break Apart Numbers to Add

Chapter 5
 Subtraction Word Problem Practice Sheet
Mixed Add/Subtract Word Problem Sheet
Subtraction Word Problems

Chapter 6
 Three Digit Addition With Regrouping
Three Digit Subtraction With Regrouping

Chapter 7
Telling Time Worksheet
Time Worksheet
 Telling Time to the Quarter Hour Worksheet
Telling Time Task Cards
Telling Time- To the 5 Minute Mark Worksheet
Website to Practice Telling Time
 Coin Identification Chart
Counting Coins Worksheet
Counting Coins Math Games

Chapter 8
Inch or Foot Measuring Game
Nearest Inch Worksheet

Chapter 9
Metric Conversion Chart
Centimeter Worksheet

Chapter 10
Different Types of Graphs
Graphing Geometric Solids
I Love to Eat Solid Shapes

Chapter 11

Grade 3

Think Central Math Glossary
Problem Solving Poster Grades 2-5

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Vocabulary: Addition and Subtraction Within 1000

Open Number Line Resource for Parents Video
Number Bonds (make 10) Online Game
Number Bonds Video
Using an Open Number Line to Solve an Addition Problem
Place Value Thousands with Commas
Break Apart Strategy for Adding Video
Basic Addition and Subtraction Tutorial Videos
Addition Flashcards
Addition of Two Digit Numbers With Regrouping Practice Pages
Mental Math Strategies
Subtraction Flashcards
Subtraction of Two Digit Numbers With Regrouping Worksheets
Three Digit Subtraction With Regrouping
Rounding to the Nearest Ten
Rounding to Nearest Hundred Video
Rounding to the Nearest Ten Video
Rounding Rap Video
Rounding to the Nearest Hundred Video
Rounding on a Number Line Video
Round Numbers on a Number Line Video 2
Practice Regrouping, Word Problems, Fractions, Measurement & Geometry, Rounding, Properties and Patterns
General Educational Games in All Areas
Subtraction by "Regrouping"
Basic Addition and Subtraction Tutorial Videos

Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Vocabulary: Represent and Interpret Data

Cyberchase Bar Graph Game
This is Why I Graph Video
I Love Charts Music Video- Sid The Science Kid
Blank Graph Paper
Reading a Bar Graph
Reading a Bar Graph #2
Displaying Data- Parent Tips
Interpreting and Understanding Data Websites

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Vocabulary: Understand Multiplication

Examining a Multiplication Table
Multiplication Flashcards
Multiplying With a Number Line
Printable Times Tables
Skip Counting Mazes to Help With Multiplication Mastery

Chapter 4-5
Chapter 4 & 5 Vocabulary: Multiplication Facts Strategies

What is Mental Math and Why is it Important?
Flash Cards to Build Math Fact Fluency
Mental Math Game - Calculate the Number Based on the Magician's Clues
Math Magician Games for Fluency
Diaper Derby Math Fact Fluency Game
Make Your Own Flashcards
Solve Multiplication Problems Using Skip Counting
Array Models: Commutative and Distributive Properties Video
Array Model for Multiplication Video
Number Invaders Math Facts Practice Game
Multiplication and Division Games to Build Fluency
Fun Online Games to Practice Multiplication and Monitor Progress
Equivalent Fractions Video
School House Rock Multiplication Video
Mrs. D's Multiplication Rap Remix Video
Properties of Multiplication Information and Practice
Properties of Multiplication Video and Practice
Basic Multiplication and Division Tutorial Videos
Number Bonds in Multiplication Video
Progression of Multiplication and Division Tape Diagrams Video
The Granny Prix Multiplication Math Game for Fluency
Multiplication Games Galore!
Reasoning About Multiplication and Division Video
8 Times Table Trick Video
7 Times Table Trick Video
How to Learn Your Times Tables to 12 Quickly! Video
Commutative Property of Multiplication
Five Minute Math Multiplication 0-12 Practice Pages
Greg Tangs Learning the Times Tables
Greg Tangs Mastering the Times Tables
Multiplication Basic Facts_ Factors Practice
Multiplication Facts
Multiplication Table Facts 1-12 and Blank Table
Penguin Multiplication Dice Game Bigger Numbers
Speedy Math Practice Multiplication Facts

Chapter 6-7
Chapter 6 & 7 Vocabulary: Understand Division Facts and Strategies

Completing Multiplication and Division Charts
Dividing With Number Lines
Dividing With No Remainder
Division Strategy Mini Posters
Fact Families- Relate Multiplication to Division
Relate Division to Multiplication
Math Antics Basic Division Video
Introduction to Dividing Video
Relate Division to Multiplication Video
Understand Division as Unknown Factor Problem Video
Delightful Division Games
Reasoning About Division

Chapter 8-9
Chapter 8 &9 Vocabulary: Understand and Compare Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Extra Practice
Fraction Avenue Home Activity
Fraction Fun Freebie
Fun Fractions With MMs
Identify Equal Parts of a Shape Fraction
Identifying Fractions
Making Fractions
Writing Fractions
Comparing and Ordering Fractions Video
Fraction Lessons and Practice Games
Arrays with Fractions Video
Create Equivalent Fractions by Shading Shapes and Match to Number Line
Relationships Among Fractions and Ways of Combining Fractions
Represent Fractions Using Number Bonds Video
Fraction Tutorial Videos
Fractions on a Number Line Video
Understand Equivalent Fractions Videos
Compare Fractions With Same Numerator or Same Denominator

Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Vocabulary: Time, Length, Liquid Volume, and Mass

Elapsed Time Task Cards
Estimating Capacity Metric
Finding Elapsed Time
Finding Start Time
Gallon Man for Student Journal
Gallon Man
Measuring and Showing Data
Measure Me -An Activity With Nonstandard or Standard Units
Measurement Charts
Measurement Task Cards Measuring to the Nearest Half Inch
Telling Time Task Cards Activity
Using a Ruler Extra Practice
Volume and Mass Scoot
Elapsed Time on an Open Number Line Video
Elapsed Time Video for Students Video
Calculating Elapsed Time Video
Measure and Estimate Liquid Volumes and Masses of Objects Videos
Solve Word Problems about Mass and Volume

Chapter 11
Chapter 11 Vocabulary: Perimeter and Area

Area and Perimeter Extra Practice
Dream House -An Additive Area Project Common Core Activity
Island Conquer Perimeter and Area Game
Perimeter and Area More Practice
Perimeter and Area Reteach and Practice
Perimeter Around The Area Video
Math Antics Perimeter of Polygons Video
Math Antics Area Video
Relate Area to Multiplication and Addition

Chapter 12
Chapter 12 Vocabulary: Two-Dimensional Shapes

Graphing Geometric Figures
Lines and Angles Posters
Polygon Family Tree Flow Chart Poster
Quadrilaterals Sign
Shapes Mini Posters
Solid Figures Color Coordinated Charts
Parallel & Perpendicular Lines Video and Practice Pages
Point, Line and Line Segment Video
Triangular Triangles Video

Word Problem Solving/General Math Help and Games

Solve Multi-Step Word Problems with this Interactive Website
Understanding Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Video
Multiplication Word Problems Video
Tape Diagrams to Solve Word Problems Video
Solve Multiplication and Division Word Problems Videos

Games and Activities to Support 3rd Grade Math in All Areas
Number Bonds Video
3rd Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders
Your Guide to the Best Kids Sites on the Web
Free Fun and Interactive Math Problems, Practice and Worksheets
Fun and Interactive Information and Homework Help in All Areas
Learn and Practice All Grade 3 Mathematics Topics - Good Resource for Homework Help!
CyberChase Games and Activities
Math Games on PBS Kids
Good at Math Robot and Zombie Game
Kids Zone Learning Includes Mind Benders, Student Poll, Games, and Activities
Educational Games

Bar Model Strategy
Coin Identification and Value Activity Cards with Ten Frames
Fun in the sun Task Cards
Math Clue Words and Activities
Math Fact Fluency
Math Vocabulary Cards
Place Value Games
Printable Math Tools
Ready For Word Problems and Problem Solving Worksheets
Rounding Activity
Understanding Bar Model Diagrams
Word Problem Detective
Prodigy Math Games
Extra Math Tutorials

Grade 4

Think Central Math Glossary
Problem Solving Poster Grades 2-5
Common Core Tutorials

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Vocabulary

How to Round a Number
Renaming Numbers Video
Place Value Number Expander Video
Rounding Game
Comparing Numbers Worksheet
Expanded Form to Standard Worksheet
Place Value Practice
Rounding Worksheet
Standard to Expanded Form Worksheet

Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Order of Operations Video
Distributive Property Video
Number Properties Video
Facts Fluency
Facts - Print Own Flashcards
Equations Game
Distributive Property Video
Multiplication Comparison Word Problems Worksheet
Multiplication Practice
Writing Equations Worksheet

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Multiplying Using Area Model Video
Multiplying 2-Digits Game
Multiplying 2-Digits
Multiplying 2-Digit Numbers Using Distributive Property Video

Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Interpreting Remainders Video
Dividing with Compatible Numbers Video
Partial Quotients Video
Division Game
Interpreting Remainders Worksheet

Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Prime and Composite Video
Number Patterns Game
Factors Game
Factors Game #2
Multiples Game
Finding Greatest Common Factor Video
Divisibility Rules Video
Creating Number Patterns Worksheet
Factors Worksheet
Identify Number Patterns Worksheet
Multiples Worksheet
Number Patterns Worksheet

Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Comparing Fractions Video
Comparing Fractions with Benchmarks Video
Finding Common Denominators Video
Comparing Fractions Game
Comparing Fractions Using Benchmark Game
Comparing Fractions Using Benchmarks
Comparing Fractions Using Benchmark Worksheet
Comparing Fractions Worksheet
Equivalent Fraction Patterns Worksheet
Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Practice
Simplest Form Fractions Worksheet
Simplest Form Fractions
Simplifying Fractions Worksheet

Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Adding Fractions and Simplifying Games
Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Regrouping Video
Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions Video
Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Video
Fractions as Sums Video
Decomposing fractions Video
Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Improper to Mixed Numbers Worksheet
Mixed to Improper Worksheet

Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Multiples of Fractions Video
Multiply a Unit Fraction by Whole Number

Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Comparing Decimals Video
Converting Fractions to Decimals
Decimals Practice

Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Vocabulary

Lines, rays, angles, parallel, and Perpendicular Videos
Symmetry Game
Classifying Triangles
ID Triangles by Angles Worksheet
ID Triangles by Sides Worksheet

Chapter 11
Chapter 11 Vocabulary

Fractional Parts of a Circle Video
Measuring Angles Game

Chapter 12
Chapter 12 Vocabulary

Metric Conversion Video
Elapsed Time Video
Understanding the Metric Measures Video
Metric Conversion Video
Customary Measurement Practice
Metric Practice

Chapter 13
Chapter 13 Vocabulary

Area of a Rectangle Worksheet
Perimeter of a Rectangle Worksheet
Determining Unknown Sides with Given Area and Perimeter Video
Area vs. Perimeter
Area of Combined Rectangles Video
Finding Area Video
Finding Perimeter Video

Tape Diagrams/Number Bonds/Singapore Math
Tape Diagram Video
Tape diagram Uses on State Assessment (Video #5)
How to Use Number Bonds in Problem Solving Video
Singapore Math Intro Video #1
Singapore Math Intro Video #2
Singapore Math Intro Video #3

Grade 5

Think Central Math Glossary
Problem Solving Poster Grades 2-5
Math Games and Videos for the Common Core
Basic Math Fact Interactive Practice
Math Facts Interactive Practice
Parent Homework Help, Test Prep, and Advice
Review Math Games
Fraction: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Practice Games
Friendly Direct Instruction On Fractions
More Instruction On Fractions
Help With Decimal Homework
Math Video: How to Multiply/Divide Decimals by Powers of Ten
Grade 5 Lessons in Game Form- Various Topics

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Eureka Math Grade 5 Module 1 Tips for Parents
Using the Mnemonic Strategy PEMDAS to Explain Order of Operations (video)
Understanding the Distributive Property (6 minute video)
What is the Communitive Property? (video and short written explanations)
Explanations & examples of Various Math Properties: Commutative, Associative, ect.

Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Eureka Math Grade 5 Module 2 Tips for Parents
Dividing Whole Numbers - Two Methods Shown
Dividing Whole Numbers

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Specific Reading on Understanding Decimals: Place Value and the Decimal System

Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Vocabulary

How to Multiply Decimals
Multiplication Patterns With Decimals (4 minute video)

Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Dividing Decimals by Simplifying Fractions ( 5 minute video)
Dividing a Decimal Number by 10 and 100 Using Place Value Knowledge (4 minute video)
How to Divide Decimals

Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Word Problems
Eureka Math-Tips for Parents-Grade 5 Module 3
How to Add Mixed Numbers That Have Unlike Denominators (3 minute video)
Math Video: How to Add Fractions with Different Denominators (5 minute video)
How to Simplify Fractions * Also Addresses Finding LCM

Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Eureka Math-Tips for Parents-Grade 5 Module 4
Multiplying Unit Fractions and Whole Numbers (3 minute video)
Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers: Mixed Number Answer (4 minute video)

Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Understanding Fractions as Division (1 minute video)
How to Divide by a Unit Fraction Using a Number Line (3 minute video)
Dividing Fractions Using the Reciprocal (3 minute video)

Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Eureka Math Grade 5 Module 6 Family Letter
Introduction to Line Plots
Number Patterns: Seeing Relationships (3 minute video)
Learning Line Graphs

Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Vocabulary

Eureka Math Grade 5 Module 5 Family Letter
Math Video: How to Learn the Metric System (6 minute video)
An Introduction to US Standard Units: Also Known as English or Customary Units
Metric Conversion Game

Chapter 11
Chapter 11 Vocabulary

Three Dimensional Figures Explanation
Calculate Volume Using Unit Cubes Game
Homework Help with Various Topics in Geometry
Explanation with Examples and Definitions of Quadrilaterals
Geometry Games

Grade 6

Grade 6 Vocabulary Master List

Various Websites:
Virtual Nerd Website
Math Antics Website
Math Meeting Website
IXL Math Website
How-To Videos (Free Subscription)
Various Math Games
K-8 Math Games
Various Math Lessons and Games
Sixth Grade Math Games
Fun Fact Practice
Common Core Math Games
Multi-step Word Problems
Some Tips for Learning Times Tables up to 12
Order of Operations
How to Multiply Mixed Numbers

Module 1
Module 1 Vocabulary/Definitions

How to Use a Tape Diagram to Solve a Ratio Question
The Meaning of Rates and Ratios
Percent to Fraction to Decimal
How to Find the Percent of a Number
How to Solve Percent Problems
How to Order Fractions, Decimals, and Percent
How to Solve Proportions

Module 2
Module 2 Vocabulary/Definitions

A Review of Factors, Multiples, and Prime Numbers
Review of the Distributive Property and How to Combine Like Terms

Module 3
Module 3 Vocabulary/Definitions

How to Compare and Order Rational Numbers
Basics of the Coordinate Plane

Module 4
Module 4 Vocabulary/Definitions

The Basics of Algebra
How to Solve Algebraic Expressions
How to Solve 2 Step Equations

Module 5
Module 5 Vocabulary/Definitions

How to find Area of Parallelograms and Triangles
How to Find Area of Triangles and Trapezoids
How to Find the Area of a Composite Figure

Module 6
Module 6 Vocabulary/Definitions

How to use a Double Number Line
How to Find Mean, Median, and Mode
How to Make a Box Plot
How to Create and Use Dot Plots, Frequency Tables, and Histograms

Grade 7

CC Math Grade 7 Vocabulary and Definitions

General Websites
Middle School Math Videos for Grades 6-8
CCSS Vocabulary 7th Grade
7th Grade Math Videos and Practice Problems - Home Page - Many Different Topics
Math Dictionary for Kids

Ratios and Proportional Relationships:
Eureka Math Module 1
Write Equation of Proportional Relationships Video and Practice Problems
Solve Tricky Proportion Word Problem Demo - Video
Scale Explanation and Definition - Video
Find Actual Area From a Scale Drawing - Video and Practice Problems
Solve Proportions - Game

Expressions and Equations:
Eureka Math Module 3
Translating Words to Algebraic Expressions - Video 1
Translating Words to Algebraic Expressions - Video 2
Translating Words to Algebraic Expressions - Practice Problems
Solve Equation Involving Distributive Property and Integer Rules - Video
Solve Equation Involving Fraction Multiplication - Video
Algebra Jeopardy - Game
Solve Two Step Equations -Game

Eureka Math Module 6
Find Area of Composite Shape - 2 Quadrilaterals - Video#1
Find Area of Composite Shapes- Quadrilateral + Triangle - Video#2
Find Area of Composite Shape - Quadrilateral + Semicircle - Video#3
Find Area of Composite Shape - Outer Ring of 2 Circles - Video#4
Surface Area/Volume
Surface Area Video - Explanation, How to Calculate, and Many Shape Demos
Surface Area of Cylinder in Terms of π - Video
Volume of Cylinder - Video
Area and Perimeter Real World Problems - Game
Complementary and Supplementary Angles - Matching Game

Statistics and Probability:
Eureka Math Module 5
Determine if Events are Independent or Dependent - Video
Theoretical vs. Experimental Probability - Video
Determine Measures of Variation from Box and Whisker Plot - Video
Find Sample Mean to Make Statistical Inferences - Video
Determine if a Sample is Reasonable - Video and Sample Problems
Compare and Sampling Populations Using Dot Plots - Video and Practice Problems
Calculate Mean Absolute Deviation - Video

Rational Numbers:
Eureka Math Module 2
Use Complex Fractions to Determine Rates - Video and Practice Problems
Use Graph and Complex Fractions to Solve Rate Word Problem - Video
Fraction Decimal Percent Relationships - Game
Properties of Operations and Integers:
Operations with Integers - Videos, Explanations, Examples
Add and Subtract Integers - Video
Add and Subtract Integers - Game
Use Absolute Value to Find Distance Between Numbers - Video and Practice Problems
Add Integers - Game
Integer Operations Jeopardy - Game
Inequalities Wars - Game

Percent and Proportional Relationships:
Eureka Math Module 4
% Application Video - How to Solve Using Equation Method
% Application - Gratuity Lesson, Definition, and Example
% Application in Real World - Game
Sale Price and % of Discount - Game
Matching Fractions and Percent - Game

Grade 8
Math 8 Definition List
Common Core Math Glossary

Homework Help
Tips for Solving Workbook Problem Sets

Module 1- Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation
Vocabulary List Module 1

Eureka Math Tips For Parents Module 1
Real World Applications of Scientific Notation
Scientific Notation Videos
Basic Exponent Rules
Negative Exponents
Zero Exponent Rule
Integer Computation
Integer Computation Jeopardy Game

Module 2- Congruency
Vocabulary List Module 2

Eureka Math Tips For Parents Module 2
Special Angles of Parallel Lines #1
Special Angles of Parallel Lines #2
Geometry Transformation Game

Module 3- Similarity
Vocabulary List Module 3

Eureka Math Tips For Parents Module 3

Module 4- Linear Equations
Vocabulary List Module 4

Eureka Math Tips For Parents Module 4
Solve a System of Equations With Elimination
Calculate Slope
Graphing With y = mx + b
Name a Linear Equation
Writing an Equation for a Line Given Two Points
Write the Equation for a Line Game
Graph Equations

Module 5- Functions and Geometry
Vocabulary List Module 5

Eureka Math Tips For Parents Module 5

Module 6- Linear Functions
Vocabulary List Module 6

Eureka Math Tips For Parents Module 6
Draw a Line of Best Fit
Construct a Scatterplot
Comparing Functions

Module 7- Irrational Numbers
Vocabulary List Module 7

Eureka Math Tips For Parents Module 7
Convert a Repeating Decimal to a Fraction
Classify Rational and Irrational Numbers
Identify Rational and Irrational Numbers

Algebra I
Algebra Standards Revised 2017

Master Algebra Vocabulary List
A Story of Functions Curriculum Map
CC Checklist for Algebra

Algebraic Applications
Algebraic Applications Vocabulary
Functions Vocabulary
Statistics Vocabulary

Miscellaneous Games
CC Algebra Games Multiple Topics
Graphing Ordered Pairs, Slope of a Linear Equations, Perfect Squares, Rational Numbers
Common Core Algebra Topics
Multiple Topics
Multiple Topics #2
Multiple Topics #3
Multiple Topics #4
Multiple Topics #5
Multiple Topics #6
Common Core Math Apps to Download for Free
Common Core Math Topics
Jeopardy Games for Math
Puzzles and Crosswords
Algebra Lessons

Miscellaneous Websites
Finding Outliers
Finding Outliers #2
Finding Residuals
Data From 2 Way Tables
Algebra Text
Conversions Using Dimensional Analysis
Meaning of Discriminants
Piecewise Functions
Piecewise Functions Review
Graphing Piecewise Functions Video
Graphing Piecewise Function (Practice)
What is Function Notation? (Video)
Function Notation (Worksheet)
Function Notation
What's a Sequence? (Video)
Practice with Sequences (Interactive)
Sequences, Finding a Rule
Geometric Sequences and Sums
Arithmetic Sequences and Sums
Recursive Formula
Cliffnotes (Homework Help)
Identify the Zeros of a Quadratic Function in Standard Form by Factoring Video
Solving Quadratic Equation (Practice)
How to Find the Roots of a Quadratic Equation by Factoring or Using the Quadratic Equation
Vertical and Horizontal Shifts of Quadratics Graphs
Graphing Library Functions & Transformations (Video)
Transformation of Quadratic Functions (Practice)
Graphing Inequalities (lesson and practice questions)
Graphing Inequalities (lesson and practice questions #2)
Graphing Inequalities Video
Writing the Equation of a Line Video
Writing the Equation of a Line (Given an ordered Pair and Slope)
Given 2 ordered Pairs Video and Practice Problems
Looking at a Graph Video and Practice Problems
Equation Writing Continued (Practice Lessons and Worksheets)
Writing the Equation of a Parabola
Writing the Equation of an Exponential (Looking at a Graph)
Writing the Equation of an Exponential Lessons and Practice Sheets
Writing the Equation of an Exponential (Given Two Points)
System of Equations Introduction to Three Methods
System of Equations Worksheets and Lessons For All Three Methods
System of Equations By Graphing Video
System of Equations by Elimination Video
System of Equations by Substitution Video
Factoring Trinomials a = 1 (Video)
Interactive Practice
Factoring Trinomials a > 1 Video
Interactive Practice #2
Algebra Quick Reference Guide
Algebra Review and Refreshers
GCF Factoring (Video)
GCF Factoring (Interactive Practice)
GCF Factoring (Interactive Practice) #2
Factoring Completely GCF/Trinomial (Video)
Factoring Completely, GCF/Difference of Perfect Squares and GCF/Trinomial (Information)
Factoring Completely (Interactive Practice)
How to factor the Difference of Perfect Squares (Video)
How to factor the Difference of Perfect Squares Practice
How to Factor by Grouping 4 Terms Video
How to Factor by Grouping 4 Terms Practice
Factoring Trinomials a = 1 (Video)
Interactive Practice
Factoring Trinomials a 1 Video
Interactive Practice #2
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Algebra Notes Cheat Sheets

Geometry Standards Revised 2017

Circles Vocabulary
Connecting Algebra and Geometry
Geometry and Algebra: Polygons and Solids Vocabulary
Proofs Vocabulary
Transformations Vocabulary
Triangles and Angles Vocabulary
Trigonometry Vocabulary

Miscellaneous Games
Multiple Topics
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Common Core Geometry
Multiple Topics #2
Multiple Topics #3
Multiple Topics #4

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45-45-90 Special Right Triangles (Information)
30-60-90 Special Right Triangles (Information)
Special Right Triangles (Interactive Practice)
Part 1 Special Right Triangles (Video)
Part 2 45-45-90 Special Right Triangles (Video)
Part 3 30- 60- 90 Special Right Triangles (Video)
Finding Lengths of Secants, Tangents and Chords in Circles (Video)
Formulas For 2 Secants, a Secant and a Tangent, and Finding Angles When 2 Secants Intersect Outside a Circle (Video)
Formulas for Finding Angles Formed by Chords, Tangents and Secants (Video)
Tangents and Circles (Interactive Practice)
Chords, Secants, Tangents in Circles (Interactive Practice)
How to Construct a Segment (Video)
How to Construct a Perpendicular Bisector (Video)
How to Construct Perpendicular Lines (Video)
How to Construct Parallel Lines (Video)
How to Copy An Angle (Video)
How to Bisect an Angle (Angle bisector Video)
How to Bisect a Segment (Segment Bisector Video)
Practice All Constructions
Visual of All 4 Concurrencies (Video)
All 4 Concurrencies (Practice)
Altitude to the Hypotenuse Video
Altitude to the Hypotenuse Practice
How to do Volume Prism Real World (Video)
How to do Volume Prism Real World Practice
How to do Volume Cylinder Real World (Video)
How to do Volume of Sphere and Cone (Video)
How to do Volume of Sphere and Cone Practice
How to do Volume of a Pyramid Video
How to do Volume of a Pyramid Practice

Algebra II
Algebra II Standards Revised 2017

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