How can I change the afterschool drop off address for my child?

Please call the respective school of your child and give the office staff the information including name, address, and date. Please do not leave this information on teacher's voice mail, as they sometimes do not retrieve their messages until after dismissal. It is very important that this is done before students are loading the school buses.

Should I call the bus garage if my children do not need bus pickup in the morning?

A phone call is appreciated if transportation is not needed for students living off a high volume pickup direction (example: Route 3, Route 374, villages such as Dannemora or Redford). Our school district includes some very rural roads and informing the bus garage helps save fuel, time, and vehicle wear when we can avoid unnecessary miles.

What if an emergency prevents me from being home for my child after school?

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, and our bus drivers take every precaution to ensure your child is not left alone. The bus driver will call the garage on the radio and the office will make the necessary phone calls to locate a parent. If possible, the child is brought to an alternate emergency location chosen by the parent. Otherwise, the child is brought to their respective school to be placed in the afterschool child care PALS program and the necessary phone calls are made for the child to be picked up by a parent or other approved adult. Please be aware that if this does occur, PALS charges a $20.00 per child emergency drop off fee.
It is very important for parents to address the possibility of this issue happening. Please be sure to complete all necessary emergency contact information and return it to the school. Also, please contact your child's respective school immediately with any address or telephone number changes.
It is sometimes unavoidable for a bus driver to release a child without an adult present. Due to hidden homes, long driveways and centralized bus stops it can be a difficult situation. An emergency plan is a very good way to prepare your child for this possibility. Enlist the help of a trusted neighbor for your child to go to and make an emergency phone list for your child.