DASA Information

The Dignity for All Students Act, or DASA, is a state law intended to create a learning environment free of discrimination and harassment for all students. The law states that no student shall be subjected to discrimination, harassment, or bullying (including cyberbullying) by employees or students on school property, or off school property at a school function, electronically, and when the act may create a substantial risk of disruption at school.

District DASA Coordinator: Tracy Manor, 518-565-5800

High School DASA contact: Tracy Manor, 518-565-5800

Middle School DASA contact: Katie Francisco, 518-565-5700

Morrisonville Elementary DASA contact: Kathy Moore, 518-565-5980

Saranac Elementary DASA contact: Connie Garman, 518-565-5900

Click HERE for the full DASA Incident Reporting Form

Click HERE for Part 1 of the DASA Incident Reporting Form