District Policies

A Policy Number
Accountability 0300
Admission of Non-Resident Students 5152
AED Policy (Automated External Defibrillator) 5425
Agency Response to Request for Records 1120-E.2
Agenda Preparation and Dissemination 2342
Alcohol & Drug Testing of Bus Drivers Regulation 8414.5-R
Alcohol & Drug Testing of Bus Drivers 8414.5
Alcohol and Drug Testing Program Acknowledgment Form 8415.5-E
Allocation of Space for Special Education Programs 4321.3
Annual District Election and Budget Vote 1050
Application for Public Access to Records 1120-E.1
Appointed Board Officials 2230
Audit Committee Charter Template 6690-E
Audit Committee 6690
Authorized Signatures 6410
Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment 8330
Availability of Alternative Format Instructional Materials for Students with Disabilities 4321.6
Board Meeting Procedures 2350
Board Member Authority 2111
Board Member Qualifications 2121
Board Officers 2220
Board Organizational Meeting 2210
Bonded Employees and Officers 6500
Budget Planning Regulation 6110-R
Budget Planning 6110
Budget Transfers 6150
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance & Inspection 8220
Bullying (Harassment, Hazing & Bullying) 0115
Candidates and Campaigning 2120.1
Capital Asset Accounting 6640
Capital Asset Policy 6645
Cash Receipts/Revenue 6260
Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting Regulation 5460-R
Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting 5460
Child Abuse in an Educational Setting Confidential Report of Allegation 9620-E.1
Child Abuse in an Educational Setting Reporting Requirement 9620-E.2
Child Abuse in an Educational Setting 9620
Claims Auditor Exhibit 6650-E
Claims Auditor 6650
Code of Conduct 5300
Introduction 5300.05
Definitions 5300.10
Student Rights and Responsibilities 5300.15
Essential Partners 5300.20
Student Dress Code 5300.25
Prohibited Student conduct 5300.30
Reporting Violations 5300.35
Disciplinary Penalties, Procedures and Referrals 5300.40
Alternative Instruction 5300.45
Discipline of Students with Disabilities 5300.50
Corporal Punishment 5300.55
Student Searches and Interrogations 5300.60
Visitors to Schools 5300.65
Public Conduct on School Property 5300.70
Dissemination and Review 5300.75
Code of Ethics Acknowledgement 2160-E.2
Community Relations Goals 1000
Compensation and Benefits Regulation 9500-R
Compensation and Benefits 9500
Complaints About curricula or Instructional Materials Regulation 1420-R
Complaints about Curricula or Instructional Materials 1420
Compulsory Attendance Ages 5130
Computer Resources and Data Management Regulation 8630-R
Computer Resources and Data Management 8630
Conditional Appointment 9260
Confidentiality and Access to Individualized Education Programs, Individualized Education Services Programs and Service Plans 4321.5
Conflict of Interest 9120.1
Construction Safety Exhibit 7365-E
Construction Safety 7365
Contracting for Professional Services 6741
DASA Incident Report/Response Form


Data Privacy & Security Policy


Declassification of Students with Disabilities

Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct 9645
Display of the Flag Regulation 4311.1-R
Display of the Flag 4311.1
Disposal of District Property 6900
Early Graduation 4771
Early Graduation Regulations 4771-R
Electronic Device Policy 4527
Electronic Funds Transfers 6415
Employee Attendance at Athletic Events 9150
Equal Opportunity 0100
Evaluation of Superintendent 0320
Exceptions to Conflict of Interest 2160-E.1
Executive Sessions 2330
Expenditures of School District Funds 6270
Expense Reimbursement Regulation 6830-R
Expense Reimbursements 6830
Explanation for Non-Bid Procurements 6700-E.2
External Audit Guidance for School District Officials 6660-E
Extra classroom Activities 5200
Extracurricular Eligibility 5205
Facilities Development Goals 7000
Facilities Planning 7100
Failure to Meet Annual Measurable Objectives Relating to English Proficiency 4326-E.2
Family and Medical Leave Regulation 9520.2-R
Family and Medical Leave 9520.2
Field Trips and Excursions 4531
Filling Board Vacancies 2150
Fiscal Accounting and Reporting 6600
Fiscal Management Goals 6000
Free & Reduced Price Food Service 8520
Fundraising Policy 5251
Gifts 6255
Goals and Objectives for the Administration 3000
Graduation Requirements 4770

Harassment, Hazing & Bullying

Harassment, Hazing & Bullying Regulations




Home Schooled Students 1741
Homeless Children 5151
Impartial Hearing Officers Appointment and Compensation 4321.8
Independent Educational Evaluations Regulation 4321.4-R
Independent Educational Evaluations 4321.4
Independent/External Audits 6660
Information Security Breach and Notification Regulation 8635-R
Information Security Breach and Notification 8635
Information Technology Program Regulation 4526-R
Information Technology System 4526
Internal Audit Function 6680
Internet Safety Regulation 4526.1-R
Internet Safety 4526.1
Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents Exhibits 1925-E. 1-2
Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents 1925
Interscholastic Athletics 5280
Investments Regulation 6240-R
Investments 6240
Library Materials Selection 4513
Limited English Proficiency Instruction 4326
Meal Charge Policy 8505
Meals and Refreshments 9170
Medicaid Compliance 6685
Minutes 2360
Mission Statement 0000
New Board Member Orientation 2510
News Media Relations



Opioid Overdose Prevention & Regulation

Parental Involvement 1900
Payment Procedures 6280
Payroll Procedures 6800
Personnel Policy Goals 9000
Pesticides and Pest Management 8115
Petty Cash Accounts Regulation 6670-R
Petty Cash Accounts 6670
Placement in a Language Instruction Educational Program 4326-E.1
Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment 0110
Policy Development, Adoption, Implementation and Review 2410
Preschool Special Education 4321.13
Pre School-Wide Pre-Referral Approaches and Interventions 4321.2
Procedural Safeguards Notice 4321-E
Programs for Students with Disabilities 4321
Provision of Special Education Services in the Least Restrictive Environment 4321.1
Public Report on Revisions to District Policies, Practices and Procedures Upon a Finding of Significant Disproporationality 4321.11
Public Complaints 1400
Public Officers Law, Section 18 2522
Public Participation at Board Meetings 1230
Public Use of School Facilities 1500
Purchasing Authority 6710
Purchasing Exhibit 6700-E.1
Purchasing Procedures Regulation 6740-R
Purchasing Procedures 6740
Purchasing Regulation 6700-R
Purchasing 6700
Recruiting and Hiring 9240
Regular Meetings 2310
Retiree Benefit Procedures 6850
Rules of Order 2352
School Attorney 2270
School Board conferences, Conventions, Workshops 2521
School Board Elections 2120
School Board Legal Status 2100
School Board Officer and Employee Ethics 2160
School District Goals and Objectives 0200
School District Records Regulation 1120-R
School District Records 1120
School Sponsored Student Expression 5220
School Volunteers 4532
Smoking and Other Tobacco Use on School Premises 1530
Special Education Personnel 4321.14
Special Meetings 2320
Staff Complaints & Grievances 9140.1
Staff Complaints and Grievances Regulation 9140.1-R
Staff Development 9700
Student Assignment & Transfer Policy 5154
Student Attendance - Effective Sept. 1, 2016 5100
Student Complaints 5030
Student Dismissal Precautions 5162
Student Health Services 5420
Student Health Services Regulations 5420-R
Student Organizations 5210
Student Privacy 5550
Student Records 5500
Student Records Regulations 5500-R
Student Wellness 5405
Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 5020.3
Support Service Goals 8000
Surveillance Cameras on School Property 8210.1
Transportation 8410
Transportation Regulations 8410-R
Idling of Buses 8420
Unsafe School Transfer Choice 8140
Use of District Credit Cards 8334
Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting 5710
Voting Procedures 2120.2
Wireless Acceptable Use 4525