Health Services


The Saranac Central School District Nurses are an integral part of educational team who believe that educational success is optimal when students are physically, mentally, and socially well.

Contact Information:

High School Middle School
Lynda Tripp, RN
[email protected]
phone: 518-565-5806
fax: 518-565-5809
Sarah Sorensen, RN
[email protected]
phone: 518-565-5650
fax: 518-565-5706
Saranac Elementary Morrisonville Elementary
Emily Brown, RN
[email protected]
phone: 518-565-5844
fax: 518-565-5890
Sabrina Paine, RN
[email protected]
phone: 518-565-5923
fax: 518-565-5972

Our Mission is:

To support success by helping students reach their maximum health potential in the school setting by:

  • managing illness, injuries and other emergencies
  • monitoring medication use, immunization status, physicals and readiness for athletic participation
  • providing NYS mandated screenings

To contribute to a healthy school environment for students, faculty and staff through:

  • disease surveillance and outbreak control in collaboration with Clinton County Health Department, NYS Health Department and the CDC.
  • accident prevention
  • health promotion and education
  • collaboration with district administrators and educators, as well as the Athletic, Transportation, Nutrition Services and Building and Grounds Departments
  • collaboration with the District Health Care Provider, Lori Robinson, FNP-C, community agencies, Primary Care Providers and local paid and volunteer EMS, including Dannemora, Saranac, Cadyville and Morrisonville EMS

Health Concerns:

Please update your school nurse updated regarding any changes in your child's health status, such as illness, injuries, medications, medical procedures, recent physicals, new diagnoses or any other conditions that might affect your child's health and school performance.

If your child is ill and will be absent from school, please notify the appropriate health office and provide a written excuse upon return.

Please make your school nurse aware of changes in emergency contact information.


Saranac CSD has AEDs (automated external defibrillators) in every school, as well as on the Athletic fields. Your school nurses are trained in use of the AED's and are all CPR certified.

NYS allows school nurses to stock Epi-Pen auto-injectors in the Health offices to be used in the event of a known or unknown anaphylactic reaction.

School nurses are also allowed to administer Glucagon injectable in the event of a hypoglycemic reaction in a student with Diabetes.

Saranac CSD has a protocol in place to manage head injuries, utilizing the ImPact Head Injury Assessment tool and following a "Five Step Return to Play" procedure for athletes.

NYS also allows for an Opioid Overdose Prevention program and Saranac CSD has implemented a protocol to protect our students from an accidental overdose. District nurses have been trained in the use of Naloxone.


All injuries should be reported to your school nurse as soon as possible after the injury. If there is medical follow-up, a release to return to participation is required and your school nurse will contact you regarding insurance.

Medication in School: If it is necessary for your child to take medicine during school hours, either prescription or over the counter, the following laws apply:

  • the parent or guardian must submit a signed request to the school nurse.
  • the Primary Care Physician must also submit a written request, detailing the frequency and the dosage of the medication and the purpose for which it is being taken.
  • all medication must be delivered to the Health Office in a labeled prescription bottle or the original, sealed OTC bottle.
  • the medicine will be kept in the Health Office to be administered by the school nurse unless the student has permission from the PCP and the parent to carry and administer the medication.

(Self-carry applies to inhalers and emergency meds only)


NYS Health Department immunization requirements for school attendance for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows:

Pre-K: Dtap-4, Polio- 3, MMR- 2, Hep B-3, Varicella-1, Hib-1-4, PCV-1-4

Kdg, Grades 1-5: in addition to above - MMR, varicella, Dtap, Polio

Grade 6: in addition to above- Tdap-Tetanus, Pertussis (Whooping cough)

Grades 7and 11: in addition to above- Meningitis

Please check with your Pediatrician to verify immunization status.

Athletic Eligibility:

Students in grades 7-12 are eligible to try out for school sports. Each student must have the following:

  • a physical within the last year. Physicals may be completed at the primary care provider's office or here at school, for no charge. Please contact your school nurse.
  • a Sports recertification form that has been completed and signed by the parent and student.
  • a recent Impact test.

All forms necessary are available in the Health Office or on the district website. The school nurse must review and approve all paperwork before the start of the sports season. Please be aware that if all requirements are not met, there may be a delay for students to participate in try-outs or practices.

The nursing staff is actively involved in all health-related issues and practices across the district and is an integral part of providing a safe and healthy environment for Saranac students.

Please feel free to contact your school nurse with any questions or concerns regarding your child's health and wellness.