Parochial School Info


Saranac Central School does provide transportation to Parochial Schools (religious educational schools) within a 15 mile radius to the school (example: student's home to Seton Academy). Students out of this required 15 mile radius can be transported by a parent to the Saranac School bus garage, and then transported by bus to their respective school. In the afternoon, the bus would return the student to the bus garage, and the parent would have to pick up the student and take them home.

It is required by the Commissioner of Education that a written request be submitted for the proceeding school year. These applications can be obtained through the student's respective school, or by clicking on the link under "Departments--Transportation--Forms." These applications must be completed and received prior to April 1st for the following school year.

The following reasons for a late written request have been determined as NOT reasonable explanations:

  • A belated decision to enroll a student in a nonpublic school.
  • The parent did not know there was an April 1st deadline.
  • The parent requested transportation before April 1st to a particular nonpublic school and then after April 1st, changed the request to a parochial school.

* The only exception to the deadline pertains to foreign exchange students arriving and enrolling in the parochial schools after April 1st. *